50 Aniversario de la AFICS

Felicitación de la Junta Directiva de la AFIJUB

50 Aniversario de la AFIC

Felicitación de la Junta Directiva de la AFIJUB


On the occasion of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of AFICS-NY, the Board of Directors of AFIJUB-Spain would like to present our most enthusiastic congratulations for the successes achieved by AFICS NY, during its first half century of existence.

Since the AFICS NY headquarters in New York was established in 1970, we know that this institution has worked insistently in order to protect and defend the rights and interests of its members and all other retirees in need, in particular on taxation, pensions, health care, social and cultural activities, etc., as well as any other topic of interest to the retired international officials of the UN System, members or not of your Association.

On the other hand, the great achievements of AFICS NY, without a doubt, are due in part to the great leaders who, for five decades, have managed with great success the different matters related to the Association. Some of them of great universal importance, such as Ms. Margaret Bruce, the first woman who presided AFICS NY, or Patricia Tsien, George Saddler, Richard Nottidge, Andrés Castellanos and Linda Saputelli, each of them with a remarkable legacy for the benefit of the retiree community. And even though not Presidents, we recognize members of your Association, like Diana Boernstein and Jane Weidlund, with remarkable contributions, just to cite a few.

Indeed there is much to celebrate on the contribution of AFICS NY over half a century, including its contribution to the rest of the worldwide community of former international civil servants, with the founding of FAFICS jointly with two other Associations in 1975 and its continued support to the Federation, for the retirees to have the necessary collective voice for the protection of their rights before the Pension Board and other legislative bodies.

AFIJUB-Spain was founded in 2014 with about 50 members. In these first 5 years of existence, the Association, closely following the achievements of other associations, such as AFICS NY, has been creating spaces for advice on taxation, establishing residence in Spain, problems related to health, such as the situation created with the current pandemic, etc. After the first 5 years of existence, our Association currently has more than 300 members.

On this important occasion, we wish AFICS NY current Board of Directors and its President Mr. John P. Dietz that the next 50 years it continues to be as effective and indispensable, as it is today.

Ángel Escudero de Paz

President, on behalf of the Board of Directors of AFIJUB-Spain